About us


we are Leslie and Thomas Genster and our aim is to make your stay a pleasant one.

We are also happy to give you tips for the area around Hagen. Just talk to us.

If you already have questions, you can send us an email: fewo@genster.de

or just give us a call: +4915904865090


Dear guests,

Welcome to the holiday Apartment Weitblick

To make your stay as comfy as possible, we would like you to follow these rules for our apartment. This way, our next guests may feel as comfortable here as you hopefully do now.

1. Check-in is at 15:00, Checkout is at 11:00. Early check-in or late checkout may be available upon request. Guests who stay beyond their designated checkout time or delay our housekeeping staff are liable for any associated costs and expenses.

2. Guests are not allowed to make a reservation in their city of residence. Please contact us if you're booking within your city.

3. Smoking, parties, and excessive noise are not allowed. Smoking violations are subject to a 250€ fine plus the cost to clean, deodorize, and repair damages.

4. Commercial photography/videography without written consent and Illegal activity is strictly prohibited.

5. Guest that exceed the number stated in the reservation must be registered in advance. Overnight guests that exceed the number stated in the reservation are not allowed.

6. The holiday apartment must be handed over swept clean upon departure, i.e. the rubbish and empties must be disposed of, the beds must be stripped, the dishes washed, dry stored and the oven and stove cleaned.

    These activities are not included in the final cleaning. If this is not observed, the cleaning costs will increase by 50 euros.

7. Pets are not allowed. Violation of our pet policy may result in a fine. We encourage guests with service animals to contact us before their stay.

8. Energy and water are valuable resources. Please try not to shower for more than ten minutes and then air the bathroom briefly to avoid mould.

9. Guests take full responsibility for damages, injury, or loss that occur on the premises and its facilities. Guests must report any property damage to customer service.

10. Booking a reservation constitutes an agreement to comply with the House Rules. Guests who violate these rules are liable for any associated damages, fees, costs, or expenses.


Internet Use Agreement between Leslie und Thomas Genster -hereinafter „Provider“- and Guest -hereinafter „User“ - Provider is an internet subscriber.

Provider wishes to enable further individuals to use the internet connection. In this respect, the following applies:

In Germany, internet subscribers may be held responsible for infringing actions resulting from the use of their internet connection. It is technically possible to track down internet infringements and to file a claim for damages (among others) against the subscriber before the competent Court. Despite this risk, Provider wishes to make the internet connection available to User and trusts that the applicable rules and laws in Germany will be respected. Considering the above, User hereby confirms he / she has been instructed on the rules hereinafter and he / she will accept and abide by these rules and the laws applicable in Germany:

1. I may not give the internet password provided to me to any third parties. I undertake to keep the password safe. If I lose my password or it is accessed by third parties, I shall inform Provider about this immediately.

2. I have been instructed that I may not use the internet connection to download any illegal material. In particular, I may not use so called “file sharing” peer to peer networks (where unauthorized sharing of other artists’ music, movies, photos, videos etc. takes place).

3. I may not subscribe to any paid services, such as online subscriptions, gambling or lotteries. Furthermore, I may not conclude any contracts regarding paid services or goods (orders in an online shop, ebay, online games etc.) when using this internet connection.

4. I may not visit any pornographic websites or websites glorifying violence.

5. I may not use the internet connection for any other illegal activities (e.g. insult or humiliate other individuals; publish other people’s photos online; publish photos depicting other individuals without their consent. Considering this, I will deal with other individuals respectfully.

6. If I use social platforms (e.g. Facebook etc.), I will keep my passwords safe and make sure no third party can misuse my accounts.

7. I have been instructed that in case of an infringing activity or a violation against these rules, I may be liable towards Provider and/or the respective rights owner.

8. I am aware that this internet connection is provided to me free of charge and on voluntarily. Provider is therefore entitled to refuse me further access to the internet at any time, particularly in case of suspicion of a violation against the laws in Germany or against these rules.

9. If there is suspicion that I have used the internet connection unlawfully or against these rules, I shall inform Provider truthfully about the kind, specific date and duration of my internet use.

10. This Agreement will become effective at the time logging in the W-Lan and will remain in place as long as the internet connection is provided.